Friday, June 14, 2013

Dora Birthday Party

My little girl turned two and she is obsessed with Dora!
So, of course we had to have a Dora party!
It's so hot here in Arizona so I had to make sure it involved getting wet somehow.
So, this is what we did!

 The invite
I ordered them it Etsy ($6.99) and printed the invites for .13 cents each at Costco.

Her Dora Cake made by me. :)

Kid's snacks 
String Cheese Maps
{found this idea here on Pinterest}

I served Mexican food for dinner cuz you know Dora....Hispanic....
We had sweet pork burritos, homemade refried beans, rice, etc...
Had to get a pic of my husband's maco. (Man Taco)

Catching Explorer Stars Game:
I made this game like a game we played at Thanksgiving.  We hid the Explorer Stars around the yard.  The kids each got a game sheet and star stickers.  They had to go around the yard and find the stars.  When they found them they put a star on their sheet.

I did a separate post about it HERE where you can download the printables

 Going on an Explorer Adventure:
Macy LOVES Dora.  She watches an episode at least every day. And if you haven't seen the show, Dora goes on an adventure to save or rescue something.  So, Swiper took Macy's birthday pinata and we were going on an adventure to get it back. :)
The Map

Getting ready to show the kids the map so they know which way to go

We had to go to Crocodile Lake, Bubble Bridge, and Rainbow Falls.

Crocodile Lake
I just printed and laminated these crocs.
The kids had to get through the lake without them touching them.
{well that was the idea but I couldn't talk (literally!  I lost my voice the day before) to tell them so we just sprayed them in the pool}

Bubble Bridge:
Blow bubbles going down the slip n slide

The little girls just wanted to stay at this part forever. :)

 Then, when we got to Rainbow Falls Swiper was there!
 So, we threw water balloons at him!
 Always a favorite game.  I just drew and laminated Swiper.
You can buy Swiper in my Etsy Shop!
We made a water blob too.  So fun.
That idea is all over pinterest.  HERE is a link to one of the many tutorials

Purchase Swiper and other characters in my Etsy Shop!

 Rainbow Falls:
Rainbow Falls were all these water balloons hanging from the trees.
I saw these here on pinterest and thought those would be fun.  They are called water pinatas.
You can hit them and they explode on you or just pop them with a tack.
I just used water balloons and yarn.  They stayed up just fine.

 Then, just past Rainbow Falls was the pinata!

Birthday girl is up first!

They broke the pinata and there was candy everywhere!

Singing to the birthday girl!

Love her face when we sing!

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  1. What an amazing party!!! Those kids are lucky to have you for a momma! :)

  2. Super cute party as usual! Macy is getting so big! She is a cutie in all of those pictures. Great job on her Dora cake!! BTW, I found your link to this post on Pinterest. ;)