Monday, July 9, 2012

Do-A-Dot Pages!

One of my son's favorite preschool activities is doing "Do-A-Dot" pages!  When I looked up how much the "Do-A-Dot" markers were I thought they were a little pricey.  So, I thought why not use the Bingo Markers found at Dollar Tree!?  They work like a charm and my son loves them!

Here are some of my favorite websites to find Do-A-Dot printables:

She has AWESOME kits with Do-A-Dot pages for every letter in the alphabet!

She sells her kit for $5.


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DIY Alphabet Kits

 You can make your own Alphabet Kits to use in the classroom or at home for cheap!  

I love the letters found at this site:
You can order them with magnets or not.  You also can get the vowels in different colors.  You can get an alphabet set for as low at $1.15!! Love them.
I think there is a minimum order requirement.  So.... have a group of your friends go in on one order!

I made two different kinds of sets:

I just bought a tackle box from Wal-Mart to keep my letters in.  This is my kit that I would use in Reading groups or just use with my three year old at home.

I just bought some pencil boxes when they were cheap right before back to school.  You can find these small mirrors at Dollar Tree.  I put an alphabet set in the box with a mirror.  Preschoolers and Kinder age kiddos have fun looking at themselves in the mirror as they make their letter sounds.  The kids think this is hilarious!

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