Sunday, October 19, 2014

Young Women In Excellence: Movie Night!

This was our YWIE last year.  I thought it was low key, budget friendly, fun evening for the girls.

We called it "The Divine Daughters Awards"

We filmed a 30 sec clip of all the girls telling/showing us what they did for their project/experience.  Then, we set up a "movie" in the Relief Society room. Had a red carpet, movie projector screen, and popcorn bar.

This was our program
(click to enlarge)

You've probably seen this floating around the web:
Stand for Truth And Righteousness
We took head shots of all the girls and put them on the stars and hung them from the ceiling.

Crepe paper banner
cheap and easy

The girls head shots printed on paper and made to look like a filmstrip around the room.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Playschool & Preschool Halloween Activities!

These are some fun Halloween Activities you can do with your kiddos at home or in preschool/playschool:

Frankenstein Feet Monsters:

I pulled one kid one and a time and painted the bottom of their foot green then pressed it onto the paper.  I had a bowl ready to wash off their foot. :)

Once it dried I added black hair, eyes, and mouths with a black sharpie.
Then, used a silver sharpie to draw the "nails" on each side of the head.
Then, I wrote their name with "stein" on the end.

Brandonstein..... you get the idea. :)

Halloween Slime:

I've used it for preschool and for my son's ninja turtle birthday party.
 I like it because the kids each get their own bag and it's made with liquid starch- not borax.
I had little containers for all my student's to take home the slime they made at school.

Draw a pumpkin face:

I had this as a welcoming activity.  Kids drew a pumpkin face on their pumpkin.  Used an Expo Marker with the pumpkin in a protective sleeve.

What is Missing?  Jack-o-lantern Game:

We played this in circle time.
One kid would step out or close their eyes.  We would take off a piece of the jack-o-lantern's face.  Kids would open eyes or come back in the room and try to guess what is missing.  They loved this game.

Potato Pumpkin Stamps:

These worked ok... I would make sure there isn't too much paint of each plate. Or else it will splatter everywhere.  And it's tricky to make the faces in the potato.

Halloween Sticker Sheets:

You can find these cute sticker sheets here at Oriental Trading.

Spider Web Marble Art:

One on my FAVORITE Halloween crafts.  
Squirt a little bit of white tempera paint in a paper cup.  Drop a marble inside.  Then, use a spoon to scoop it out and put it on a tray with black construction paper.  Kids like to roll the marble around making a spider web.

Then, I just printed, cut, and glued these spiders on the page.  
You can download the spiders I used HERE
Or if the kids are older you can make the hand spiders. Where you put paint on both the kids hands. (no thumbs)  Then, they press them on the sheet and you can use hole reinforcements or wiggle eyes for the eyes.

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