Sunday, March 22, 2015

Come Follow Me: March- What does it mean to have faith in Jesus Christ?

These ideas go with the Come Follow Me March Lesson: What does it mean to have faith in Jesus Christ?

When studying for this lesson I felt like going in the direction of being "Mothers of Faith".
For my attention getter, I printed off several pictures of women in the scriptures: Eve, Esther, Ruth, Abish, Hannah, Mary (Jesus' Mother), Elizabeth, Mary & Martha, Mary Magdalene, Mothers of the 2,000 stripling warriors, Rebekah, etc...

I taped these pictures to the back of my YW.  And we played a game kind of like "Headbands" but on our backs.  Girls had to walk around asking Yes or No questions to try to figure out who was on their back. 

Once they figured it out, I had them think how that women was a Woman of Faith.  

I told them we were going to talk about one of the pictures- the mothers of the 2,000 stripling warriors.

We then did Faith #2 in class talking about Mothers of Faith and reading the scriptures in the value experience and Family Proclamation.

We then made a list on the chalkboard and discussed traits that a Mother of Faith has.

We then watched 2 videos: 


First Video is from this VHS called "Set the Table".  It's about a family that is very poor.  A young girl is cleaning old pictures.  The mother tells her daughter to set the table for dinner.  The girl replies "Why, we don't have any food in the house?"  The mother proceeded to tell her that they needed the have faith that the Lord would provide.  So, the girl reluctantly set the table.  Then, when she was done setting the table, she went back to cleaning the old pictures.  She found money hidden in the back of an old picture.  It was enough money to provide food for the family for a whole week.  
(This is a true story from an Ensign issue I think back in 1980s)

VIDEO #2 was the video in the outline: Pure and Simple Faith

We then discussed how these mothers taught their daughters about faith.  We then had a discussion of how we can be or prepare to be mothers of faith.  

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Come Follow Me February: Why do the choices I make matter? Game

This lesson help goes with the "Come Follow Me" lesson for February's "Why do the choices I make matter?"  I made a game using the resource materials given in the lesson outline.  I divided my class up into teams.  Spaces had questions from scriptures, videos, Strength of Youth: Agency & Accountability, or True to the Faith's Agency.

I made a game on some white butcher paper I had.  I traced a Tupperware to make the spaces. I  used a circle punch to punch out different color construction paper for the pieces.  I had a foam dice.  And then this picture of Christ from the Gospel Art Kit.

To make:
Click to enlarge the photos so you can see what I wrote in the spaces.  I just wrote part of scriptures or quotes from Strength of Youth: Agency & Accountability or True the the Faith: Agency.  I would let them look up the scripture.  Or they could use a For the Strength of Youth or True to the Faith printouts/books.

For the videos I used these 2 videos: "Leave the Party" and "A Choice Generation (highlight)"

The lesson outline suggest this one: No Regrets about a boy choosing btwn seminary and surfing.  You could use that video instead of the ones I used.  Just make up questions to go in those spaces.

If the students landed on a "video" space we would watch the video and they would have to answer the question.  The "Leave the Party" one is longer.  So, if  they landed on another question about that movie and we already watched it they could remember the detail.

 Click to enlarge
Doesn't matter which path they took.  It was their agency or choice. :)

Don't mind my 2 yr. old's artwork. :)

 What do I do with the picture?
I had it on the side of the chalkboard with the word "Repent" by it.  If the team got the question wrong I sent them to "repent".  :)  In other words they would lose a turn but start back where they were on the game.

Just have categories: Videos, Scriptures, Strength of Youth, True to the Faith, Make a Choice
Then, using the resources have questions from each of these categories on Agency.  "Make a Choice" category you can come up with real life circumstances where they have to make a choice.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Flashback to Teacher Valentine Gift~ Expo Markers!

Remember this fun teacher gift I shared 2 years ago!?  You can download the printable HERE.

Happy early Valentine's Day! xoxo

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