Thursday, August 29, 2013

Playschool: Rainbow of Colors!

Our Playschool Theme this week was~ "Rainbow of Colors!"
So, we explored colors this week!

These were the read aloud books:

CRAFT: Marble Painting

For this craft I just put tempera paint in little cups.  Then, drop the marble in the cup of the color they want.  Then, I dropped the marble onto their paper on their tray.  They would roll it back and forth until the surface of the marble is clear again.  Then, plop it into another cup of paint.... etc...
I use trash bags as "smocks"  Just cut a hole for their head and arms on the bottom of the trash bag.  With these little guys I use a cloths pin to tighten the bag around their neck/shoulders if needed.
Great activity!  Especially for all those little toddlers who hate to get their fingers dirty. :)

Pom Pom Drop Activity:
I saved up paper towel rolls.  Painted them.  Then used clear packing tape to attach them to a half poster.
They sell a bag of these primary color pom poms at Dollar Tree.  And the little blue buckets are from their too....2/$1.00.  Great activity to practice colors!

Skittle Snack & Sort:
You can find this printable on this website.
My printer was running low on black ink so I uploaded the pic in Paint and added color so I could print these off.
I put the pages in these page protectors.  Had them sort their skittles first, then they ate them!

Our snack was Rainbows! (skittles and marshmallows)

NO MESS Fingerpainting!:
Found this activity via Pinterest!
So fun!
Just gotta watch those fingernails to make sure they don't rip the bag! ;)

Rainbow Craft:
For this craft you will need:
- paper plates
- Cotton balls
- watercolors

So, you just cut the plate in half.  I wrote "R for Rainbow" on them.
Let the kids watercolor them.
Then, we glued the clouds on.  
Kids loved it!

Other Activities:
- Put color strips of paper wristbands on the kids.  During circle time, "Jump 2x if you have red."  "Touch your toes if you have yellow" etc...
- Get these color paddles from Oriental Trading.  Show them the new colors.  Or do the above activity but they have a paddle of the color instead of the wristband.
- Get a Twister Game and have them jump to the color dot you call out

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Playschool: All About Me

Playschool Theme: All About Me

This week we talked about "All About Me"
The week before I had sent home a brown bag with a note on it that said," Please bring 3-5 special things that tells us All About You!"  For example, my daughter put in a yellow crayon {because her favorite color is yellow}, a family picture, picture of The Little Mermaid, and her Dora doll.  During circle time each kiddo got to come up to the special chair and share what was in their bag.  Great for social and language development!

We worked on our pre-handwriting skills this week.

One of our crafts this week was decorating a person.  We talked about how we have eyes, a nose, a smile, and a heart {our shape this week}.

 One of our welcome activities:
I had a heart with "I Love Me" on it.
Each kiddo got half a sticker sheet of heart stickers {at Dollar Tree}
The kids LOVE putting stickers on things!

 Name Craft:

The kids loved this too!  I had written their names on some larger construction paper.
I put the glue on over the letters of their name.  And gave them a bowl with an assortment of pom poms, sparkles, sequins, feathers, etc...

And........ Ta-da!
 Super Cute!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Curtains from a Fitted Sheet.... Plus Redone Dresser

I made these curtains for my girl's room with a twin sized fitted sheet from Goodwill that was like $1 on Half Off Day!  Score!
I made these almost a year ago, but so many people ask me about my curtains when they come over that I thought I would share. :)

You cut the elastic off the entire edge of the sheet

You cut along the seam of the 4 corners.
So your sheet should look like this now:
{sorry for the poor quality pic}
Then, I cut off the strip on the top and bottom so I can sew a ruffle panel with it at the bottom of the curtain {under the white ruffle panel}

I cut the remaining large sheet in half long ways.  So you should have two long curtain panels now.

Sewed a ruffle panel with the white strip and curtain strip you cut off earlier.
Hem the sides.

Hemmed all the sides of the larger two panels. Fold over the top of both panels and sew to make a hole for the curtain rod to go through.

Sew ruffle panels to the curtain panels. 
TA-DA done!

Plus... I scored this dresser on Craigslist for $50.  It had all original hardware!  Painted it Antique White with my SIL Joanna  {well she did most of it since I was going to pop with Baby #3 at the time}
Loved how it turned out!

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Playschool: All About School

I'm teaching a playschool out of my home this year for two year olds.
This is some of what we did this week:
Theme: All About School

First Day:
They could color or play with toys
{free choice.  Just wanted to make sure that cry for your mom/dad wasn't one of the choices. :)}

Putting stickers on the Letter A.
Some kids could peel of the stickers themselves. 
Others I had to put them on the edge of the table for them to pick up and place them.
Great activity for their little hands and minds!

Found this Letter A download HERE

 Craft: School Bus Craft
I just drew the road.  Cut out the sun and tore white construction paper for clouds.
Bought the bus dicuts from a teacher store.

 Snack: School Bus
Graham cracker with yellow frosting.  Chex or life cereal for window.  Oreos for wheels.

 Day 2:
 Sensory table with alphabet letters and numbers and pom poms
Dollar Tree is a where I bought the little blue buckets and scoopers.

 School Supplies Shadow Activity:
I took some school supplies and drew the outline on construction paper.  Then, I put the paper inside a sheet protector sleeve.  The kids had to match up the item with the shadow outline.
This was more challenging for some but by the end all the kids were doing it.  It's easier to remove all the items out of the tray and have them point to the glue on the paper.  Then, you put the glue bottle there.  Where is the scissors on the paper?  Then, give them the scissors to place there. etc...

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