Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Come Follow Me" November: Why is it important for me to gain an education and develop skills?

We call these "Thinking Maps" in teaching.  This is using the Cause & Effect Flow Chart.

I used this bullet from the lesson:
  • Assign the young women to read individually one of the five paragraphs from the “Education” section of For the Strength of Youth or the statements by President Gordon B. Hinckley and President Thomas S. Monson at the beginning of the talk “Seek Learning: You Have a Work to Do.” Ask them to explain to the class what they read, and discuss why it is important to work diligently now to gain a good education. Invite the young women to think about and share their goals to gain an education.
We used scriptures from the lesson to discuss what causes us to have an education and what effects we can have because we have an education.  
I divided the class into pairs.  {we had an even 12 girls today..yay!}
Each pair was given a box.  I had drawn the flow chart up on the chalkboard in the classroom.  I drew the middle box and arrows.  Where the 3 boxes for "causes" and 3 boxes for "effects" are I had a piece of tape ready for the girls to tape up their paper summarizing their assignment scriptures or readings.

Each group was given a blank piece of paper to summarize what "cause" or "effect" they learned from their reading.  They then put it up on the board.  We went over it as a class and they copied it down on their papers.

The two empty boxes on either side can be used for whatever readings you wanted to use.  On the "cause" side I used the quote I pulled from Sister Cook's talk (see page 3 below).  On the "effects" side I used the "Education" section from the "For the Strength of Youth" book. (see page 2 below)

page 2

page 3
As a conclusion I had the girls ponder the questions and write their answers at the bottom on p.3.  Just getting them thinking of what type of career they would like to pursue.

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"Come Follow Me" November: Self- Reliance

These activities are to be used with the "Come Follow Me" November: Self-Reliance lesson.
I copied page 1 and 2 back to back.

page 1

page 2

I used the below activity to go with this point from the "What does it mean to be self-reliant?" lesson:
  • Write on separate slips of paper the following topics related to self-reliance: health, education, employment, home storage, finances, and spiritual strength. Allow each young woman to pick one that she is interested in, and invite her to read about her topic in a copy of section 6.1.1 ofHandbook 2 (pages 34–35). Ask each young woman to briefly teach the class what she learned about her topic, how it relates to self-reliance, and what she can do now to prepare to be self-reliant in the area. How can the young women’s efforts in their youth bless their own futures? How can these efforts bless their families when they become wives and mothers?
We played like a Taboo game.  I had these papers folded up in my Self-Reliant First Aid Kit I brought.  I called on a girl.  She came to the front and pick one out of the kit.  She tried to get her classmates to say the large underline word WITHOUT using the word or the words listed below to describe it.  They had fun doing this.  Then, after they guessed it.  We read the excerpt from the Handbook {see above for link}.  The girls would write "Health" in box 1 on page 1 above.  Then, as we would read the excerpt, they would list things they needed to do to improve in this category.  This was a lot of fun!

Then, after playing this "game" to go over the 6 categories of being more self reliant.  We talked about the parable of Talents.  I then randomly gave each girl an envelope with coins in them.  Some had 1, others had 2, and others had 5.  They then needed to list 1, 2, or 5 talents they have that will help them be more self-reliant.  Whether it be a skill or personality trait they had.  I challenged them to strengthen this talent during the week, and not "bury" it.

This activity above goes with this bullet from November's "What does it mean to be self-reliant?":
  • Give each young woman either five coins, two coins, or one coin. Have them read Matthew 25:14–29 to find what happened to the person in the parable who was given the same amount of money they were given.  Discuss questions such as “What did the three servants do with the money they were given?” and “How does this parable relate to self-reliance?” Invite the young women to ponder the things God has given them that will help them become self-reliant, such as talents, personality traits, and abilities. How can they use these qualities to become more self-reliant? How can they use them to bless their future families?

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Friday, November 8, 2013

FHE Kits!

FHE Kits~ $10 ea

Each FHE Kit has 37 items.  And 68 lessons that can be done.  That's enough for over a YEAR!
It's so easy.  Kids reach in the bag, pull out an item.  Scripture references are provided on the card.  If you have a Gospel Art Kit - use it!

Some items are for example:
Bandaid.... you can do the lesson on The Good Samaritan or Repentance
Hand.... you can do the lesson on Service, Laying on of Hands, or Woman touches Jesus' Robe

My kids LOVE it!  If I actually plan a lesson they ask, "When do I get to pick out of the bag!?" :)

I'm making these for my family/friends for Christmas.  I was selling the extras.  They sold out SO fast!  So, I'm making some more batches.

You can buy them in my Etsy shop now!
I will be adding a way to pay via paypal and even ship them to people who can't pick them up locally (Gilbert, AZ)

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