Wednesday, March 12, 2014


just in time for Easter!!
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Family Home Evening Kits. Kids reach in pull out an item. Using the card enclosed you give the lesson using the scripture reference given. Or you can supplement using your Gospel Art Kit or Scripture Story books from the LDS Distribution Center. Enough lessons for over a YEAR!!! Great way to make sure you always have FHE! {normally sell for $12, $4 shipping}
Also great to use for if you are asked last minute to sub Primary!

(sooner you enter, the sooner you have more chances to win! Up to 5 times! I will do the raffle drawing every Monday night at 9:00pm MST. I will contact you to ship directly to you or a family member, if you are giving it as a gift!) Good luck!
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Playschool: Transportation!

Transportation Week!

These are the activities we did that went along with Transportation:

Each student got a car and colored it with sharpies.
You can buy them from Oriental Trading HERE

We then raced them on the race car track!  They LOVED this!

I used my Yacker Tracker to talk about the different colored light symbols.
We played Red Light, Green Light.

I use bingo markers for Dollar Tree.
You can find this free printable HERE at

The kids LOVE this!  The kids "drive" around using their steering wheel (a paper plate) when the music plays.  When the music stops, they run to a chair.  Each chair has a different color car on it. I then go around the room asked them to tell me the color car they are sitting in.  Great for color practice!

Great practice for positional words! Up, down, on, in, etc...
You can find this free printable HERE on

You can find this trasportation sign shadow match game HERE at

I found these airplanes at Hobby Lobby.  Kids used water colors to paint them.  We glued them on blue paper with cotton balls for the clouds.

Graham crackers, chocolate frosting, and M&Ms
(PS... I use coffee filters for my snack bowls.  So cheap!)

You can find this cute interactive song HERE at DLTK

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Come Follow Me March: How Can Repentance Help Me Everyday?

This handout/worksheet can be used with Come Follow Me

And this bullet from the "Learn Together" section:
  • Assign each young woman to read one of the five aspects of repentance that Elder D. Todd Christofferson identifies in his talk “The Divine Gift of Repentance.” What do the young women learn from this talk about how we can know if we have truly repented? What else do they learn about repentance from Elder Christofferson’s message?
I'm going to put the numbers 1-5 on slips of paper and have the YW draw a piece of paper out of the bag.  They will then work with that group to fill in the blanks for the repentance aspect from Elder Christofferson.  Then, they will write what they learned.  Then each group will take a turn sharing with the class what they learned.

You can download the worksheet HERE

I made the margins ready to be cut to be glued in our Come Follow Me INBs.

Page 1

Page 2

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Playschool: Feelings!


Welcoming Activity:
We made cards to give to someone we love because that will make them HAPPY!

Game: We played emotions memory game where you had to match the emotions

Game:  I had a :( face on one side of the room and a :) on the other side.  I would say things like "You fall off your bike"  That makes you sad so they would run to the :( side.  I would say "You get a treat".  That makes you happy so they would run to the :) side.

We made these.  Cute.
Click HERE to download this worksheet.  There is one for boys and one for girls.

This is a cute song we would sing

Great read aloud.

I use this busy bag where the kids copy the emotion pictures using Wikki Stix to make the emotion faces.  Kids love it!
I sell them in my Etsy shop here for $7.

I also sell these blank face templates where you can use playdoh or pipe cleaners to make faces.
Great for a playdoh center!!
 You can buy these laminated and all ready to go in my Etsy shop $1.50 each!
(they are colored copied on cardstock and laminated!)

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