Friday, April 26, 2013

Our Playroom

So, here is a little tour of my kids' playroom.
One of my favorite rooms in the house.  :)
There are some things I still need to do. 
But overall, it's functioning right now. 
This is what a Teacher does with her classroom stuff when she isn't teaching. :)
{What's sad is... I have more buckets in the garage!}

I scored this whiteboard at Goodwill for $4.99!
You can buy one at Home Depot and have it cut to size.
Just make sure you take an Expo marker with you to try out the board!

Our family library

I got these at IKEA.
I want to redo them with vinyl and pictures.  So, my non-readers will know what's in what box.

Our learning corner

Our themes for the week.
Days of the week
Weather Chart
5 Senses Chart

I just cut off the bottom of a shoe organizer.
I keep his reading folder, reading phone, handwriting practice, reading group items, etc... here
 {I had used the upper part in my classroom to store our class set of calculators in.}

Reading Wall

Math Wall

Behavior Management Chart
Each kid has their own "shop" they earn money by doing chores & being caught being good etc...
Can buy things out of their shop.
If they are misbehaving, then they get strikes on the windows.  3 strikes, they lose money. 
I drew and painted these.
Working on designing this so I can cut it out of vinyl and put it in my Etsy shop.

Toy bins and book in the bags.

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  1. Cute playroom! I don't think I've seen it with the charts up on the walls, looks good!

  2. Just pinned it! Exactly what I needed to get started. I hit up the dollar store today to get some prizes for their "Treasure Chest." Thanks, Ashley! LOVE LOVE LOVE your playroom!