Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Money! Money! Money!

Money!  Money!  Money!
Whenever I get ready to teach a lesson on money I always think of Dr. Jean's Preschool Song: "I like money, to buy things at the store.  Money, Money, Money, I always want more.  A penny's worth one cent, a nickel's worth...."  If you haven't heard this song.  Look it up. :)  It will get stuck in your head.

I started teaching math prep/tutoring classes this summer.  This two week session I had 8th grade, 3rd grade, and 7th graders.  Here are some activities I have done with my 3rd grade class this session:

Drawing out word problems

 High, Low, Three Game:
Kids pick three cards off the top of the deck.  Put them in the hundreds, tens, and ones place on their place value mats.  They then need to move the numbers to make the highest number possible and lowest number possible.  They can do this as individual work.  Or you can have them play each other.  Whoever can make the highest number gets a point.  Then, the next round, whoever can make the lowest number gets a point. etc...

I'll try to scan this worksheet in for you.

 Money, Money, Money!

I made this worksheet with a shopping cart on it and space to glue the coins.
You can print the coins sheet here.

I just cut out items from the weekly ads.
They drew 4 of them out of a bag.  Glued them in their carts and had to glue the money they would use.
Kids had fun with it.

Then, I pulled stuff out of my pantry and put price tags on them.  Really... I have healthier food then this.  I just knew the kids would like this stuff. :)  They came to check out with me as the cashier at a toy register.  I had them add up the totals with me.   Then, we checked out and they gave me the "money" from their bag.
Kids love this.  Never gets old. :)

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