Friday, November 8, 2013

FHE Kits!

FHE Kits~ $10 ea

Each FHE Kit has 37 items.  And 68 lessons that can be done.  That's enough for over a YEAR!
It's so easy.  Kids reach in the bag, pull out an item.  Scripture references are provided on the card.  If you have a Gospel Art Kit - use it!

Some items are for example:
Bandaid.... you can do the lesson on The Good Samaritan or Repentance
Hand.... you can do the lesson on Service, Laying on of Hands, or Woman touches Jesus' Robe

My kids LOVE it!  If I actually plan a lesson they ask, "When do I get to pick out of the bag!?" :)

I'm making these for my family/friends for Christmas.  I was selling the extras.  They sold out SO fast!  So, I'm making some more batches.

You can buy them in my Etsy shop now!
I will be adding a way to pay via paypal and even ship them to people who can't pick them up locally (Gilbert, AZ)

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