Friday, March 7, 2014

Playschool: Feelings!


Welcoming Activity:
We made cards to give to someone we love because that will make them HAPPY!

Game: We played emotions memory game where you had to match the emotions

Game:  I had a :( face on one side of the room and a :) on the other side.  I would say things like "You fall off your bike"  That makes you sad so they would run to the :( side.  I would say "You get a treat".  That makes you happy so they would run to the :) side.

We made these.  Cute.
Click HERE to download this worksheet.  There is one for boys and one for girls.

This is a cute song we would sing

Great read aloud.

I use this busy bag where the kids copy the emotion pictures using Wikki Stix to make the emotion faces.  Kids love it!
I sell them in my Etsy shop here for $7.

I also sell these blank face templates where you can use playdoh or pipe cleaners to make faces.
Great for a playdoh center!!
 You can buy these laminated and all ready to go in my Etsy shop $1.50 each!
(they are colored copied on cardstock and laminated!)

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