Sunday, July 6, 2014

FROZEN Activities~ Unfreeze Anna & Troll Rocks!

Whose house hasn't been hit with the Disney's Frozen epidemic!?
I was invited by Design Dazzle to be a guest Camp Counselor this summer!  How exciting!  You can find my guest post HERE.
I have two little girls that are OBSESSED with Frozen. Well, isn't everyone? :) Of course we had to have a Frozen Birthday party this summer and these are a few of the activities we did and the kids loved it! {You can check out some of the other activities we did on this post

 Unfreeze Anna!  

Kids will love trying to save Anna by thawing her "Frozen Heart".

Supplies: Anna Cutout, Plastic Cups {I used 16 oz}, Paper Clips, Water, and Access to a freezer. 


You can laminate the Anna cutouts or you can use packing tape to "laminate" them yourself. Put a paper clip on the bottom to weigh Anna down. Fill the cup with water then place in the freezer overnight.

Tomorrow Anna will be frozen solid and will need to be rescued by your little ones! I turn on the faucet and run a little water over the ice so it will come out of the cup easier. After briefly running the water over the ice, I just hit the cup face down on the table, floor, etc... and the block of ice comes right out! Kids can use warm water in spray bottles or blow dryers to try to set Anna free!


 This is a fun little craft for your kids this summer! A Troll Rock!

 These are the materials you will need: Sheet Moss {I got mine for about $3.50 at Walmart}, Jewels, Grey Felt, Grey Pom Poms, Rocks, Black and White Tempera Paint, Google Eyes, Sharpie, Q-tip, and Glue {you can use kid friendly Tacky Glue or help them with a hot glue gun}

The kids paint their rock grey by mixing the black and white tempera paint. Let it dry. {this won't take that long}

I would make the face first so you make sure there is enough room. If you do the moss first then you may not leave enough room for the face. To make the ears, you cut out a U shape out of the felt and hot glue it to the rock. Make sure to pinch in the middle! After you add the moss on the bottom all around, make sure to use some for the Troll's hair.

 Next, add some jewels. Then, add the troll's smile by using a Sharpie and Q-tip with white paint to make the teeth

Such cute little Trolls! I think I'm going to keep you! ;) {name that movie!} These would be fun to do on just a "boring" summer day or at a Frozen Birthday Party!

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  1. This is by far the cutest rock-troll project I've seen online! We are going to make a couple to sit on the tables at my daughters Frozen party.