Saturday, December 29, 2012

M&M Christmas Lesson

M&M Christmas Lesson

{yeah, yeah... I know this is a little late.  Pin it so you can save it for next year!!}

I work with the Mia Maids in my ward. 
We do everything with M&Ms! (since Mia Maids are M&Ms!)
When girls turn 14 and enter Mia Maids we M&M attach their house.
The girls this year got M&Ms in a light bulb jar for their birthday.
So, when I saw this from Ucreate, I thought "Yes! I'm totally using this!"
I used this M&M poem printable as the outline of my lesson.  Then, through thought and prayer, I decided what church materials to use in the lesson.  

This is the lesson I came up with:

These were my handouts/Christmas gifts:
 I used my favorite Chocolate Chip recipe, but instead of the Chocolate chips I used green & red M&M minis.  You could use regular sized Christmas M&Ms too.

I also used this recipe that I love for the Pretzel Hugs from eighteen25.

The girls loved it, they said they will never look at an M&M the same again! :)

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  1. The link to the m&m Christmas lesson has been disabled. Can you tell me how I can get the download, please?

    1. Thanks for making me aware of this! I fixed the link. Try it now. :)