Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Check out the Teacher Valentine, Kid Valentines, and Snack I did this year!

This past month I've been crazy busy! We moved! And with 3 kids ages 3 and under... that is craziness! Still unpacking but had to take a break to share what Valentines I did this year:

Teacher Gift/Valentine:
 As a teacher, I got WAY too many goodies and candles as gifts during the holidays.  So, I figured I'd get a teacher what they REALLY need for Valentine's Day~ Expo markers!!  She loved them!  I found these new WASHABLE Expo Markers!  Figured they are perfect for Preschool!

Valentine Snack:

Found this recipe for Valentine Chex Mix on Pinterest.  Made it and loved it!

Found these little baggies at the Dollar Tree- SCORE! 25 of them for $1! Used them for snacks and Valentines! Love a two for one!! :)

Kid's Valentines:
Bubbles are 3 for $1 at Dollar Tree.  Bags are from Dollar Tree too!  I bought a couple of Blow Pops to throw in there too. My little guy was excited to hand these out to his friends!

Happy Valentine's Day!

  Eating our breakfast before running out the door!

My flowers the Hubs gave me! :)
Made the Love sign with a tray from Dollar Tree and Chalkboard Paint. 

For Valentine dinner we are having homemade pizza where the pepperonis are cut into hearts. 
{found the idea on pinterest} 

Happy Valentines Day! :)

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  1. Cute! I was home alone all week, no children yet, and I STILL didn't get anything for Kreig for V-Day or do anything cute to celebrate... :( fail. You are such an awesome wife and mommy!! I'll always have you to show me how much better I can be :)