Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Curtains from a Fitted Sheet.... Plus Redone Dresser

I made these curtains for my girl's room with a twin sized fitted sheet from Goodwill that was like $1 on Half Off Day!  Score!
I made these almost a year ago, but so many people ask me about my curtains when they come over that I thought I would share. :)

You cut the elastic off the entire edge of the sheet

You cut along the seam of the 4 corners.
So your sheet should look like this now:
{sorry for the poor quality pic}
Then, I cut off the strip on the top and bottom so I can sew a ruffle panel with it at the bottom of the curtain {under the white ruffle panel}

I cut the remaining large sheet in half long ways.  So you should have two long curtain panels now.

Sewed a ruffle panel with the white strip and curtain strip you cut off earlier.
Hem the sides.

Hemmed all the sides of the larger two panels. Fold over the top of both panels and sew to make a hole for the curtain rod to go through.

Sew ruffle panels to the curtain panels. 
TA-DA done!

Plus... I scored this dresser on Craigslist for $50.  It had all original hardware!  Painted it Antique White with my SIL Joanna  {well she did most of it since I was going to pop with Baby #3 at the time}
Loved how it turned out!

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  1. Cool! this is something I could do!

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