Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Playschool: All About Me

Playschool Theme: All About Me

This week we talked about "All About Me"
The week before I had sent home a brown bag with a note on it that said," Please bring 3-5 special things that tells us All About You!"  For example, my daughter put in a yellow crayon {because her favorite color is yellow}, a family picture, picture of The Little Mermaid, and her Dora doll.  During circle time each kiddo got to come up to the special chair and share what was in their bag.  Great for social and language development!

We worked on our pre-handwriting skills this week.

One of our crafts this week was decorating a person.  We talked about how we have eyes, a nose, a smile, and a heart {our shape this week}.

 One of our welcome activities:
I had a heart with "I Love Me" on it.
Each kiddo got half a sticker sheet of heart stickers {at Dollar Tree}
The kids LOVE putting stickers on things!

 Name Craft:

The kids loved this too!  I had written their names on some larger construction paper.
I put the glue on over the letters of their name.  And gave them a bowl with an assortment of pom poms, sparkles, sequins, feathers, etc...

And........ Ta-da!
 Super Cute!

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