Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Flash Card Tracker Folder

Flash Card Tracker Folder!

I LOVE to use these when tutoring, preschool, or in the classroom!
You can make a set of flash cards using index cards, moon cards, etc... OR you can just use store bought ones!  Go through the set of flashcards with your student and separate them into 3 categories as they give you their answers: stop, slow down, and go.  STOP- these are the flash cards that the kids don't know.  You have to tell them the answer.  SLOW DOWN- these are the flash cards the kids kind of know.  Sometimes they know it, sometimes they don't.  GO- these are the flash cards the kids know without hesitation!  Once you go through the flash cards with the students, you put the flash cards in the appropriate pockets.  So, when you go to work on them again with the student you know which ones they really know and which ones they need a little extra help with.

You can use this with math facts, sight words, phonics, abc's, etc...  Such a great tool!

How to make your own Flash Card Tracker Folder:

Materials Needed;

File Folder
Printout of Stoplights (links to download below)
Red, Yellow, & Green Construction Paper
Red, Yellow, & Green Markers or Colored Pencils
Glue Stick or Rubber Cement
Razor Blade

Stoplight Printable - On Scribd
Stoplight Printable- On 4shared
Stoplight Printable- On Dropbox

 Step 1: Color the Stoplights!

 Step 2: Cut them out

 Step 3: Cut out the red, yellow, & green construction paper.
I cut my green one- 7.5" x 6"
I cut my red & yellow- 7" x 4.5"
Glue the white stoplight printables onto the green, yellow, and red papers

 Step 4: Put glue on the back of the red, yellow, and green "pockets".  MAKE SURE YOU DON'T PUT GLUE ON THE TOP!  That way you make a pocket! Glue pocket to the file folder.

Step 5: Laminate.

Step 6: Using the razor blade cut a slit at the opening of your pocket!

 Step 7: Enjoy!

 If you are making them for your classroom, I would put the students name on the tab and then file it.
I would have files for math facts, reading, etc... Then, when I go to work with that student I could pull their file.  Also, with the older kiddos, they could get a partner and pull out their math facts files then quiz each other!!

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  1. Very cute! I'm sure I'll be alllll over these ideas when I have kids of my own (or when they decide to put me back into Primary... I love Relief Society and all, but Primary is where it's at!)

  2. I was wondering if you could email me this file or post it on the other website you post documents on since I don't have a subscription to scribd. I will be teaching bilingual 3rd grade and would love to translate them if you don't mind. My email is