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Personal Progress Interviews

Personal Progress Interviews

Sometimes (well a lot of the times) we have to stay on top of our Young Women to see where they are at when working toward their Medallion and Honor Bee.  I like to have semi-annual Personal Progress Interviews with the girls and one of their parents.  I like to schedule them around General Conference time (not the actual day, but just that time of year) so that it's easy to keep track of when you had the interviews. 

I've done it 2 ways:

1: All the Young Women (and their parent) came to a designated leader's house and either met with the YW President, 1st Counselor, or 2nd Counselor.  It's pretty much like Visiting Teaching interviews, except it's Personal Progress.  


2: I've also done these where it was just your age group.  For example, just the Mia Maids went to a certain house where they and their parent met with both the 1st Counselor and Mia Maid Advisor.

Hope that makes sense.... :)

We've always had a "waiting area" that had soft church music playing and little snacks or treats for the YW and their parents to enjoy while they wait for their turn for their interview.  Just in case they are running behind or if a YW shows up early.  When we did it the above #1 way, our YW Secretary hung around in the "waiting area" and would kind of keep the interviews going by sending the YW and parent into the next interview once a leader was available.

What do you do in the interview?
Well, at the interview you sit down with the Young Woman and their parent and go over their progress in the Personal Progress Program.
You can:
  • Check to make sure their master chart is updated
  • See if they are logged on for online Personal Progress
  • Check to make sure they are updated on their Personal Progress Ribbon Bookmark and that it's made correctly (there is a you tube video some Laurels made to show how to make them.  Yes... seriously!!  Tons easier to understand than the directions that come with the bookmark!)
  • Answer any questions about the Personal Progress Program.
  • Go over the Honor Bee, if they are ready to begin.
  • Have them pick out a project or experience for YW in Excellence (finalize it in their October interview)
  • Make goals of what Personal Progress experiences or projects they want to have done in the next 6 months. (6 months is when you will have your next round of Personal Progress Interviews)

These are the forms I use:

You can download them HERE.  Make sure you download it as a "doc" so you can edit the dates, times, etc...

You can now download the forms on a new site HERE
or in Dropbox HERE

This is the sign up sheet I send around in Opening Exercises for the girl's the sign up for their interview time. Send this around a couple weeks before the actual interviews.
These were the reminders we would hand out to the girls either the Sunday before or day of the interview.  Just as a last minute reminder of when they signed up for their interview and when and where it's at.

This is the form the YW leader has in front of her while conducting the interview.  Make sure you write the goals in both places.  You cut off the bottom copy so the YW and parent go home with a copy of the goal they made during their interview.  I then file this with the Young Woman's chart so I will have it to reference to for the next 6 months.
** Make sure you follow up with them!!!  I like to send a little postcard or letter in the mail after it's been about 3 months with their goals listed for them again.  Just in case they lost that slip of paper. :) **

Hope you find this helpful!! :)

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  1. Wait. Online personal progress? I didn't know this was a possibility! I'm serving in Primary but I have a Beehive daughter, and I'm (in theory) working on Personal Progress for myself as well since I'm an adult convert.

  2. LOVE THIS!!! I am the YW president in my ward, a mom of 2 toddlers, and going to dental hygiene school so I'm always super busy. Thanks for posting all this to share with everyone! I'm totally pinning this....hope you don't mind.

  3. Is the only way to download these flies is through Scribd?

    1. Scribd is the only place, as of now, I have uploaded the documents to. Is that a problem?

    2. I just didn't want to pay for the service. Maybe I don't know what I'm doing.

    3. Oh! You shouldn't have to pay! It should be free! If you click on the link, it should take you to the page where you can download it. Hope it works out! If there is a specific page you want, just give your e-mail and I'll e-mail you the page. :)

  4. I would love these but it also is telling me I have to become a premier member of scrib to download. Could you email them to me?

    1. Hey Shannon! Just sent it to your e-mail! :)

  5. I would also love these but don't want to become a member of scrib. Could you please email them to me as well?
    Thank you so much!!

    1. Hey Suz! Just sent it to your e-mail! Enjoy! :)

  6. Can I get a copy of these sent to me also? Thank you so much for sharing your ideas! (

    1. No problem! Just sent them! :) Let me know if you have any problems or questions!

    2. May I also have a copy sent to my email please? Thanks so much!

  7. Have you also done an interview with the girls when they are about to receive their medallion? If so, what kinds of things to you ask them about? (our ward, in the past has done this before the girls meet with the bishop)

    1. Absolutely!! That is a great time to ask the girls to come up with an action plan on how they are going to earn their Honor Bee. Ask them what YW they plan to mentor. When they plan to read the Book of Mormon again, etc... :)

  8. stop it! I was going to call you to see get reminded how you did personal progress interviews/marathons but i thought I would just google stuff or create my own so I didn't bug you!

    I didn't know you had a beautiful blog and that you are crazy wonder woman.

    I should have known it would have been from you since you created it.

    Any chance you could send me the signup sheet and forms as well?

    we seriously need to chat and catch up!

    Molly Watts