Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Read & Find: Colors

When I would teach reading groups I would like the kids to use different "tools" to find specific words/letters/sounds when reading.  For example, I would use these "Read & Finds" (that's what I call them) when I wanted the kids to find the names of colors in the story.  Some great stories to use with frequent colors are:

I would print these on card-stock, color them, and then cut them out.  I would cut a little window out big enough so the students can fit it over the word they are looking for.  Then, I laminate them for durability. 
Download my "Read & Finds: Colors" file for FREE.

It's a great reinforcement activity for the kids!!  And they feel like a detective!  
You can also buy these mini colorful magnifying glasses at Oriental Trading

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