Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Balloon Spiders

Halloween Balloon Spiders Tutorial
These spiders are fun to use for a Halloween party!  You can use them to decorate or to play games!  I've put rolled up pieces of paper inside the balloons with the names of Halloween games. The kids would "pop the spider" with a tack and the rolled up paper would say the name of a Halloween game and we would play that game next.  The kids LOVE popping the spiders!

** When I was a Primary Chorister for my ward, I would put the names of the primary songs we wanted to practice inside the balloons.  The kids would come up and pop the spider and we would sing the song written on the paper inside the balloon.  **

Materials Needed:
Black Balloons
Large Pom Poms
Pipe Cleaners
Hot Glue Gun
Wiggle Eyes OR Reinforcement Labels {for the eyes}

Above is what you need to make ONE balloon spider:
1 Balloon
1 Large Pom Pom
1 Set of wiggle eyes OR reinforcement labels
4 pipe cleaners

 Step 1: Hot glue the wiggle eyes to the large pom pom
Step 2: Blow up the balloon.  Make this however big you want your spiders "abdomen" to be.
 Step 3: Twist the pipe cleaners around tie of the balloon
 Twist it around the middle of the pipe cleaner so the "legs" are equal length on both sides

 Bend the legs at the end of the pipe cleaners
 Step 4: Put a blob of hot glue on the pipe cleaners that are wrapped around the tie of the balloon.  Glue your "head" {the pom pom} to the pipe cleaners
Super easy and festive!
 I like to hang mine up in the spider webs!
 Here is a pic of a spider made with the reinforcement labels instead of the wiggle eyes.

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  1. Super cute idea!! And looks really easy. I bet you were the best Primary Chorister! I would love to play that game during singing time!