Thursday, October 4, 2012

Snack: "D" is for "Dinosaur Dig"

 "D" is for "Dinosaur Dig" Snack!

We had snack for the week of letter "D".  My son's preschool was focusing on Dinosaurs during the "D" unit.  Since they were going to dig for fossils and do a craft with "dinosaur bones" I figured this snack would go PERFECT with their theme.  I got the idea from one of my "teacher books" from Scholastic "26 Easy & Adorable Alphabet Recipes for Snacktime"

Materials Needed:

24 oz. clear plastic cups
Graham Crackers
Vanilla or Banana Pudding
Chocolate Pudding
Coconut Flakes
Green Food Coloring
Plastic Dinosaurs 
{found my dinos at Walmart in the toy section.  But I've seen them at the Dollar Tree too!}

 Step 1: 
Put coconut flakes in a sandwich bag.  Drop a few drops of green food coloring in there.  Give it a good shake/mix to color the "grass" green!
Put the graham crackers and Oreos in separate bags and crush them with a rolling pin until they look like "dirt". 
 Step 2:
Start layering the cups.  
First Layer- Crushed Oreos
Second Layer- Crushed Graham Crackers

 Third Layer- Vanilla or Banana Pudding
Fourth Layer- Plastic Dinosaur (washed and dried)

I just put the dinosaur in the middle on top of the Vanilla pudding.
Fifth Layer- Crushed graham crackers
Sixth Layer- Chocolate Pudding
Seventh Layer- Crushed graham crackers
Final Layer- "Grass" green colored coconut flakes
Have your lil' paleontologists "dig in" & enjoy!

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  1. Very cute idea and they look so yummy!! I could go for one right now... hooray for the letter "D"!

  2. Hello! Can you give me the estimate of how many snacks it made? If you bought 1 of each of the materials you mentioned, how many cups did you get out of it? I'm doing this for Summer Camp and I need to know how much I need to buy for my 120-ish kids. Thanks so much!

  3. They looks yummy and easy to make. I am also gonna try it to make for my son birthday party at home. Its his 6th birthday this month so I am collecting yummy recipes for his special day. His last birthday we had celebrated at famous Los Angeles event venues and it was a themed party.