Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Shabby Window Calendar

So... I LOVE my new family calendar.  Just had to share. :)

I thought of this idea a looong time ago, but never took the time to make it.
You know all those crafts that are on your "going to make someday" list. yeah, this was one of them and I FINALLY made it!  

You know all those super cute shabby windows out there?  Well, I wanted to make my family calendar on one!  You just need to find a single pane window.  Make sure it's large enough for your calendar!  I also made sure the glass was sturdy and stuck in there good!  I didn't want the glass wiggling as I wrote on my calendar. :)

I had Marni over at Sassy Sites cut my vinyl for me.
But, Karen over at A Purple Princess can cut it too!

love. love. love

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