Friday, June 7, 2013

Catching Stars Game

Such a fun game!  You can use this to practice colors or review the star shape!  I made up this game for my daughter's 2nd birthday party.  The theme was Dora.  But, I've since used it as a preschool game too when our shape of the week is a star.
Kids love it and want to play again and again. :)

Hide the stars in the backyard, playground, or inside the house.

I just printed my pages.  Cut out the stars and laminated everything.
Even the sheets.  You can buy star stickers at Wal-mart.  They are only a $1 for 100 stars. 
I laminated the sheets too so I only have to peel off the stickers and they can start again.
I've even played this without the sheets, just the stars.

Great color review game too.  Have them tell you the color when they turn them into you or what colors to still look for.  Or print multiple stars and tell one kid they only get the green stars, another kid only gets the pink stars, etc...

Here are some pics of the kids having fun playing catching stars:

Have Fun & Enjoy!

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