Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yummy Mint Ice Cream Cake

This is one of my most favorite desserts EVER.
I used to request this Ice Cream cake every birthday.
We call it "Grasshopper Cake" but usually people think that sounds gross.  But, not really.  It's like those mint grasshopper cookies they sell in the store.
Anyways, my son wanted a green Hulk Smash Ice Cream cake for his birthday.
So... of course I was more than happy to make this one. :)
This will make a 13x9 size cake:

2 cartons of Mint Chocolate Chip Iceream {you will use about 1.5 of it}
Package of Oreos
Hot Fudge

First, I take the Oreos and put them in a gallon sized storage bag. 
Then, I use my rolling pin to crush them.
Next, I dump enough to cover the bottom of the pan. 
Make sure you reserve some of the Oreo crumbs for the top of the cake.

Next, apply the Hot Fudge.
While I'm crushing the Oreos, I heat up a pot of water on the stove with the Jar inside.
Make sure you take off or loosen the lid!
You don't want Hot Fudge to explode all over your kitchen! ;)
Heat the Fudge to where the consistency is like the above pic.  Nice and runny.

Drizzle the Hot Fudge over the layer of Oreos you put at the bottom of the pan.

Next comes the thick layer of ice cream.
Make sure you have left the ice cream out to melt a little so it's nice and soft, easy to smooth out.
Just put spoonfuls of it on the Oreo layer and smooth it out until it looks like below.

Then add some more crushed Oreos on top.  Drizzle some more hot fudge on top.
It's done.  Simple and yummy!
I put aluminum foil on top and put it back in the freezer for a couple hours before serving.

And this is what I did for my son's Hulk cake. 
Just stuck his Hulk {with washed feet} on top.  Looked and tasted great!

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  1. mmmm, sounds delicious!! and what a fun idea with the hulk!!