Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bowling Game!

What kid doesn't love to bowl!?
This is a favorite game my kids like to play!
This concept can be used to review math facts, reading, phonics, songs, etc...
Pretty much whatever.
I will show you the way I set up this game for music time in my church, but you could put anything behind the numbers they pic.  Like I said, you could write math facts, blends, phonics, quiz questions, etc... behind the cards.  I use this game in tutoring too.  So, the kid doesn't just get annoyed at me asking a lot of questions.  He bowls his questions.  I usually put a mark or something down in front of the pins so they have a line not to cross when they are bowling.  Put it farther away to challenge older kids.  Closer for the youngin.

I just cut these out of construction paper.  Numbers on one side.  Song on the other side.  {If we need to practice one song in particular, I put it behind two or three numbers}

 Just so more kids get to participate, I have kid #1 bowl.  Then, kid #2 bowl.  We add up how many pins they both knocked down together.  And that is the number we turn over.  So, below it looks like we are singing "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus" cuz they together knocked down 8 pins!

BTW, I always put "Pick your favorite song" behind 10.  And you would think this happens a lot in Sr. Primary... actually it doesn't. 

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