Friday, January 18, 2013

Primary Idol

Primary Idol!
I did this towards the end of the year when it was time to review all the songs before the Primary Program.  I asked 3 members from our ward to come in as guest judges.  My husband downloaded the infamous American Idol intro music on a CD.  I played that as our guest judges entered the Primary room and had a seat up front.  Each Judge had a sign with their # on it.  They also were each judging a different thing.  For example: Judge #1 was judging whether the kids were watching the chorister & giving great effort.  Judge #2 was judging whether the kids knew the words to the songs.  Judge #3 was judging the volume & reverence level.  They had these "thumb"s to either give a thumbs up or thumbs down for their category. 

Was great!  Kids really enjoyed it!

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