Friday, January 18, 2013


The good ol' Sing-O-Meter!!
Great to use for singing time in the home, church, or at school!
I'm moving Feb. 1st and as I was going through some old teaching/church boxes I found some old visuals I used when I was a Primary Chorister for my church. Thought I would share.

I just bought a foam board from Dollar Tree.  Yellow, Orange, and Red Posters {also at Dollar Tree for .50 cents}
Cut out the poster.  Used glue and packing tape to keep it together.  Permanent Marker for the details and ta-da!  An awesome sing-o-meter you can use in the classroom, FHE, primary, wherever!
And here is my handsome assistant {who just started Primary for the first time this month} doing a great job demonstrating how it's used! :)
Yup, you can even have a Sunbeam come to the front to help you!  They will love it! :)

P.S. Sorry the ends of the poster is a little crunched from being in storage. 

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  1. I don't know how old this post is but I love this idea...I am teaching Sign language to the kids and the signs are great but they forget to sing. This will be perfect because my sing-o-meter help wont be able to see them. They will only be able to hear them.
    THANK YOU...It is perfect!!!