Monday, January 14, 2013

Spreading Heartprints!

So, one night in January my son picked out this book for his bedtime story. It's "Heartprints" by P.K. Hallinan. It's a book about leaving "heartprints" behind as you serve and be nice to others. REALLY cute book with a great moral to the story. So, I thought it would be fun to make this into a Valentine activity for FHE {For those who don't know FHE stands for Family Home Evening. This is where we have a family lesson and activity every Monday night for some quality family time}. We started a "chain" service activity for Valentine's day.  So, kind of like the whole "Boo'd" during Halloween.  And "Egged" during Easter season.  This is "Heartprints" during Valentine's season. :)

I got the red baskets at the Dollar Tree. Put some Valentine candy, the book, and a poem in the basket. We cut out hearts and wrote something nice about each member of the family on a heart- why we love them.  So, on the person's door we taped the "We've been heart attacked with Heartprints" sign and the hearts with nice things  about them. The basket was left on the porch.  You could heart-attack the rest of the house if you want.  Then, ring the doorbell and run! :)

Then, when the other family gets ready to move it on, they copy the "We've been heart attacked with Heartprints" sign or they just print one online here on my blog. Refill the candy.  Put the book back. And pick a family and do the same.  The families should leave the "We've been heart attacked with Heartprints"  sign and the hearts on their door.  So, #1 they remember the love shown throughout the Valentine's season and #2 other families know they have already been given Heartprints.

What a great and fun way to spread love this Valentine season!!

Want to do this with your family?

You will need:

-Basket {got mine at Dollar Tree}

-"Heartprints" Poem I wrote- Download Here

-"We were heart attacked with Heartprints" sign- Download Here

-Valentine Candy or this yummy Valentine Chex Mix

-"Heartprints" by P.K. Hallinan- Buy at your local bookstore or amazon
 {I guess you could buy just one for your family and then photocopy it. Then, send around the photocopy version. Obeying copyright laws... of course. :)  That way in case you want to do more than one family.  Cuz buying more than one book would be pricey. But, I figure all the families that participate in this activity will want to go buy one for their own family anyways.}

Enjoy & Good Luck spreading "Heartprints" this Valentine's Season!

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