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"Come Follow Me" September: Tithing

This handout/worksheet for the lesson goes with:
  • Draw three columns on the chalkboard with the following headings: BlessingsHow Funds Are Used, and Attitude. Divide the class into small groups, and assign each group one of the topics to research in the section titled “Tithes and Offerings” in For the Strength of Youth. Ask the young women to write what they find in the appropriate column on the board. Invite a few of them to share their testimonies of the law of tithing.
I printed the above and below page back to back.  
Below, the pic is of the expert on Tithing found in the "For the Strength of Youth" book.
You can download both pages HERE in my dropbox.

Whenever I give a lesson on Tithing, I get pretty emotional.  And you will see why.  I will share with you my own personal experience I have had with Tithing.  While I attended college I had to pay every penny of my own education.  I worked hard to get scholarships when I was in High School because I knew my family didn't have the means to help with my education.  So, if I wanted a college degree, I was going to have to do it on my own.  So, while going through the Elementary Education program at ASU I worked full time as a Service Cashier at a car dealership.  I worked and went to school full time.  At one point I even took 18 credit units and worked full time.  It was tough.  Well, I was on the delayed payment program at ASU.  This allows you to make payments for your education.  Well, one year it came time to make my final payment for that semester of college.  I didn't have enough for both my tithing and the final amount that I needed to pay.  I was torn at what I should do.  Should I drop out of college and pay my tithing?  Or just pay college and owe on my tithing?  Well, of course I knew what was the correct thing to do.  So, I paid my tithing with faith that the Lord would provide a way for me to stay in school.  Well, not 2 days later.  My sweet Grandma called me to ask how I was doing.  She wanted to know how work and school was.  {I also had to move back home during this time to help with my family since my mom was battling breast cancer at the time}.  Then, she proceeded to tell me that she had $1,000 she wanted to give me to help towards my education.  I will never forget the feeling I got.  It was an overflow of warmth and love.  I knew that Heavenly Father was aware of me and my needs.  I knew this was a blessing being poured out to me from heaven.  
A blessing as a result of my faith.

(This story is very similar to this one Pres. Hinckley shared of a Brazil student.  This talk is one of the suggested material found in the lesson)

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