Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Playschool: Apples!!


This was a fun week!  SO many idea online.
But, this is what we did:

Welcome Activity:
These 2 year olds just liked putting them in the tree.  If you can see there is a "4" on the tree, to only put 4 apples.  But... they need a little teacher help there.  These are on Oopsey Daisy.

Playdoh Mats!  Kids loved this!

 Math: Counting Apple Book
Shape was circle and we did these apple counting books that say "3 apples in the tree" and I would give them 3 circle stickers to stick in their trees.
You can print it as part of the packet on Oopsey Daisy.
I added the numbers to the page tho.

 Craft: Painting Apples

Thought they turned out cute!

 Circle Time Activity:
Kids loved this!
I found both the apple alphabet and prewriting practice on Oopsey Daisy.

Centers: Apple Picking
I just bought these apples from the teaching store.  Drew a couple trees on the the whiteboard.  And taped the apples to the tree. I had 3 baskets for the kids to color sort the yellow, red, and green apples.

 Snack/Apple Observations:

I made this sheet where they would taste a red, yellow, and green apple.  Then, give feedback on how they liked it. I will scan it a get it on here to download very soon!!

Oh... the awesome observations these 2 year olds made!

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